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About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of interrelating churches that cover Greater Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Because of our close geography, we can easily  connect leaders and members of each church so that everyone can easily share a vision of what God can do in our city.

For too long churches have chosen isolation over relationship and that has limited our profile and impact. Together we facilitate joint celebrations, leadership training, support global missions, and host outreach initiatives to spread the gospel in our city.

We celebrate the uniqueness of each local church and it's community, and we take great encouragement from working together as a church network.

What We Believe

We believe...

In a network of interrelating churches

Our connectivity as a group of churches means that we will serve our communities and impact Greater Nottingham with greater effectiveness and influence.

we are stronger together

By sharing our values, gifts and resources we are strengthened locally and more relevant corporately.

In making disciples

Together we can serve one another with the objective of providing opportunities for every individual to reach their fullest potential. This will help to empower the next generation of ministers and leaders.

In spiritual oversight and authority

Our church leaders accept the privilege and responsibility of leading this network whilst operating under spiritual covering and apostolic gifting (currently expressed through John Fahy; supported by the fathers of the network John Pettifor and David Shearman).

What We Value

We value...

Holy Spirit

We believe in the active use of the Gifts of the Spirit in every believer’s life and our corporate gatherings.


We are transformational intergenerational churches impacting our local communities.


We want healthy relationships across our network. Our closest friends will be in our own churches but exterior challenge, in a safe environment, is good for us.


We want to be forward looking, future thinking, kingdom focussed churches. We look beyond our immediate gaze to see where God wants us to partner and bless others.

Where We're Heading

 Our vision is simply...


Across is a video update from our most recent NG Service.

Our Associations

As well as developing strong relationships across the network, we also relate to other ministries groups and organisations both locally and nationally. Two of which are the Nottingham Prayer Network and the Assemblies of God.

Nottingham City Prayer

Nottingham City PrayerWe fully support the work of this local movement of Christians from across our city and encourage our churches to get involved in the gatherings and events that they put on, too.

Assemblies of God

AOG logoAlthough we are not restricted to any particular denomination or group of churches, through existing relationships, the majority of our churches are members of the AoG.